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FULL FABRIC's new brand

FULL FABRIC has a new brand, logo, website and tagline.

As the falling leaves and shorter days herald the beginning of  autumn and the start of a new academic year, we are proud to reveal a new brand for FULL FABRIC. 

The new identity is centred upon the company’s mission to help universities refocus on the student experience. At the centre of this is our new tagline: connect through knowledge. We aimed to create a brand identity that’s beautifully designed, sophisticated and inspirational – just like our software itself.


Our new logo consists of two interlocking Fs, each comprising three bars. These represent FULL FABRIC’s three distinct products: ORIGIN, CORE and CONNECTOR. They also symbolise how the products allow users to add functionality as necessary. The first F features bars which ascend in size, symbolising how FULL FABRIC helps a university increase its number of students and increase student and faculty satisfaction. The bars forming the second F descend in size, representing how FULL FABRIC lets an institution reduce both incomplete applications, and the amount of manual work required.

Here’s a handy video which explains the design process step-by-step: 

Our website has been completely redesigned and now features a new layout and brand colours. We’re undertaking a big content push and will soon begin to publish regular essays, articles and case studies here on our blog, exploring higher education and technology as well as topics such as marketing, careers, innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity. So check back to see what’s new or subscribe to stay in the loop by email. You can also follow us on Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter, where we discuss #highered and #edtech news, trends and innovations, and often post pictures of dogs wearing mortarboards.

What do you think of the new brand? Free free to leave comments, suggestions and strongly worded feedback below. Remember to tweet us @fullfabric, too.


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Rob Parker

Rob managed FULL FABRIC's digital communications between September 2015 and September 2017.

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