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Full Fabric makes your life easier by bringing everything into one app. No more supporting, maintaining, and integrating multiple tools at once.

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Benefits of using Full Fabric at your university

Rapid Roll-Out

Made for Universities: Full Fabric is configured for universities, out-of-the-box. This means you can start using it within a few days, instead of spending months customising the system to fit your needs.
Single System: Consolidate multiple tools into one system. This simplifies the implementation process, as you only have to install and integrate one system, rather than multiple separate tools.
Less Training and Support: Full Fabric’s intuitive design and user-friendly interface means less time spent on training and supporting your staff.

Compliance is a Breeze

Centralised Data: Consolidates all your data into one system, eliminating the need to track information across multiple separate apps.
Compliance with Regulations: With all data in one place, it’s easier to ensure compliance with regulations like GDPR and other relevant laws.
Less Customisation: Because Full Fabric is already configured for you, there’s much less need for customisation. This reduces the risk of non-compliance.

Save Time and Money

Use fewer tools: Full Fabric is a one-stop platform for admissions, events, and communication. This eliminates the need to use multiple apps to solve all these problems.
Automation: By automating repetitive tasks, you can free up admissions staff to focus on other areas. This also reduces the need for IT support during these tasks.
Reduced paper use: By digitising your processes, Full Fabric decreases the reliance paper applications and documents. This saves you money on printing and storage costs.

Everything your university needs

Streamlines your universities application process, so students can submit and track their progress in one place.
Automates repetitive tasks, such as sending communication emails, managing deadlines, and processing documents.
Built-in student portal and communication tools, making it easier to stay in touch with applicants, students, and alumni.
Comprehensive reporting tools so you can analyse admissions data and gain insights into recruitment trends and student demographics.
Manage every part of the enrolment journey from application acceptance through to document collection and course selection.
Our communication tools make it simple for admissions staff to reach out to quality applicants with personalised messages and information.

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What our customers are saying

“Full Fabric helped us digitalise the whole admission process which not only improved the applicant experience but also made the review and selection process a lot easier.”

— Emma Spittles, Scholarships Programme Manager @ The Saïd Foundation

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