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Innovation thrives on trust. For something to be usable, it needs to be simple and straightforward, albeit powerful, for which an ergonomic and intuitive software interface is the foundation of a positive staff experience with administrative and customer management technology.
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Advanced features

Full Fabric is a solution that says that you value the time and effort of your staff, as our modus operandi involves the careful development of interface prototypes and several rounds of testing and iterating. In addition, changes are gradually rolled out so as to allow for easy acclimation.
As different departments are bound to have different needs and responsibilities, Full Fabric lets you micromanage every aspect of your personnel's presence in the platform – from recreating the teams in your school (such as Admissions, Affairs, Marketing, and so on), to defining roles in order to control the privileges of your users in relation to their respective functions, to then assigning individual access scopes to restrict who exactly gets to have access to which parts of the platform.
Full Fabric supports auditing, including auditing around data breach monitoring and data integrity, edits to profiles, last time someone was seen, etc.

Moreover, because performance metrics are integral to assessing how to work smarter and improve conversions, the platform makes it extremely easy to consult and stay on top of your school's results regarding sent campaigns and form and event submissions, with such indicators as delivered emails, unsubscriptions, spam, form views and submissions, and event responses and attendees, just to name a few.
Permissions represent the concrete actions that a certain role is authorized to perform, whereas an access scope is a mechanism meant to limit the visibility of a particular staff user.

Altogether, these measures aim to protect all too sensitive information in your instance however you see fit. Once someone is no longer active in Full Fabric, you can also suspend their accounts to prevent them from logging in while still preserving a record of their past activity.
Communication is absolutely fundamental when it comes to nurturing your relationship with leads, applicants, and so on, for which reason Full Fabric offers a variety of mailing options. If you wish to exchange emails through Full Fabric, you have the option of either:
A. Sending all emails via Amazon Web Services (our current email client);
B. Sending one-to-one emails via your own SMTP and sending automated emails and mass marketing emails via Amazon Web Services;
C. Sending all emails via your own SMTP.
You can sync your personal email to Full Fabric via IMAP, whereby any email messages sent and received from the former will be retrieved and displayed in Full Fabric, including emails that have already been sent.
Whenever Single Sign-on is enabled, users can directly access
Full Fabric using the same credentials that they use to access your school's website or intranet, meaning that they only have
to authenticate once. In other words, if they sign in to their account on your website and then navigate to Full Fabric, they won't
be asked to enter their email and password again.

Furthermore, profile emails for accounts created through Single Sign-on are automatically verified, which is also extremely convenient.

Data privacy and Security

We’ve designed and built our product to deliver performance, stability, and meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations.
At Full Fabric we take data privacy very seriously, so we're fully prepared to capture your prospects', applicants' and students' consent preferences under the General Data Protection Regulation, namely:
  • Their consent to receive marketing communications;
  • Their data processing consent;
  • Their agreement with your school's privacy policy;
  • Their agreement with cookies being enabled.
Security remains a top priority in the design and development of new features and capabilities. We continue to improve our processes and procedures to ensure that every new release, sub-system, or process is designed from the ground up with security in mind.

We continue to invest in our internal processes and procedures in order to maintain compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.
Learn more about Security at Full Fabric here.


If you ever need help, you're welcome to start a conversation for live chat support or, alternatively, email us; for pressing matters, you're also welcome to call us on the phone. Video meetings are also on the table, if scheduled in advance.
Full Fabric has a dedicated Client Success team to provide support, on-hand expertise, and training to clients, available every day from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (GMT).

In addition, during the implementation phase, we work closely together with you to help set up your instance, taking on such tasks as creating your school's programmes and classes, your digital application templates, and much more.
Typically, queries sent by email are addressed
within 24 hours, while queries sent by chat are addressed within 2 hours.

If so desired, a custom SLA can be negotiated with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What browsers does Full Fabric support?

Full Fabric is a sophisticated platform that requires a modern browser. We recommend the latest version of Google Chrome. Google Chrome ensures the best performance and security and should be preferred over the alternatives.
That notwithstanding, Full Fabric also supports Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera, and Microsoft Edge.

How do integrations work in Full Fabric?

Most of our integrations are API-based, as we have our own fast and flexible API that can pull and push data to and from FULL FABRIC. Our API uses HTTP verbs and a RESTful endpoint structure, and our request and response payloads are formatted as JSON. You can make up to 5000 requests per hour.

Can we send emails from Full Fabric with our own domain?

Yes, and you can improve your email deliverability by giving Full Fabric permission to send emails on your behalf by complying with the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) email authentication methods, and the email authentication protocol Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC).

Does Full Fabric support sending email through SMTP?

Yes, Full Fabric also provides the option for your institution to send emails from Full Fabric via your own SMTP instead of Full Fabric's email provider.
It is recommended that you set up Full Fabric to use an SMTP configured to dispatch emails from your own domain. This could be your existing SMTP server or another SMTP gateway or relay server.

Can we sync all our emails in Full Fabric?

Yes, you can sync them through IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol), this sync will retrieve and display emails that you have sent and received from your own email client e.g. Outlook, in FF. The emails are displayed in the emails tab of the staff and student profiles in FF. All emails in your mailboxes will be synced so you will see emails that have already been sent. The IMAP should sync emails instantly but this will depend on your email client.

Does Full Fabric support custom domains?

Your Full Fabric URL has two parts: a subdomain name you chose when you set up your account, followed by (for example: This is the canonical name and will always exist.You also have the option to point other domains at the service (e.g or In order to achieve this, you will need to create a CNAME record in the DNS zone for the desired domain.


GDPR, which some have labelled ‘the most important change in data privacy regulation in 20 years’, comes into effect as of May 25th 2018. The new legislation will mean businesses, organisations and learning institutions have to make considerable changes to the way they store EU citizens’ personal data and perform direct marketing.