Foundation - Higher Education CRM

Build and nurture relationships through the entire student lifecycle.

An end-to-end CRM that allows you to track and monitor every interaction throughout the entire student journey.
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Capture leads
from multiple sources.

Today’s students control their own research process.
This means you need to put your brand in their path.
Workflow automation saves time and boosts efficiency. Automate tasks that improve everyday processes and bring collaboration to a whole new level.
Understand Engagement: Once your landing page is published, you can track the number of views and form submissions in real-time. See what converts, and learn about your prospects’ interests and behaviour.
Capture Contacts: Provide valuable content in exchange for prospects’ contact details. Examples may include a downloadable brochure, case study, video or ebook.
Forms are customisable and easy to build using our intuitive editor: simply drag-and-drop the fields you want to include and specify whether each is mandatory or optional.
Easily attract more leads and capture visitor information. All our landing pages are customisable and mobile responsive.

Qualify prospects.
Focus on the right leads.

Collect insightful data to identify the right prospects.
Identify the prospects that are more likely to succeed and make a meaningful contribution as a student and alumni.
Student-centric: Understanding your student’s journey and proactively establishing a meaningful relationship is essential to the success of your on-boarding and recruitment activities.
Centralize: Connect all your team’s interactions with a student and make it easier to share information, capture everyone’s notes, assign tasks and work together
Actionable KPIs: A real-time picture of your pipeline at-a-glance, based on criteria that matters.
Track how engaged your students are with your landing pages, events and email campaigns
360 View: Gather prospect, applicant, student and alumni data in one single view and get a complete overview including activity history and last touchpoint.
Define your audience: Easily build segments and see how many prospects you have in each stage of the recruitment process

Engage prospects
on their terms and interests.

Every interaction with a prospect is an opportunity to build a stronger relationship.
Pick your winners: Track which events are performing well and which will convert more prospects.
Import data collected from recruitment fairs and personally follow-up with those who registered or attended the event
Set up your own email campaign in just a few easy steps and send out invitations and automatic reminders about your event.
Create your individual event landing page with just a few clicks and easily promote the event on social media
Collect additional info about your participants and your event’s registrations, with online statistics
Full Fabric will allow you to easily create, communicate and manage your events. One of the most effective ways to acquire leads and take leads further down the recruitment funnel.

Pricing built for institutions of all sizes

Everything you need to capture leads and nurture relationships.


An advanced solution to take your institution to the next level.

starting from
$450 / month
  • 2000 contacts
  • Lead management
  • Custom lifecycle management
  • One-to-one communication
  • Interaction tracking
  • User management
  • Basic product management
  • And much more...
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A comprehensive enterprise solution for large institutions.

starting from
$600 / month
  • 2000 contacts
  • Advanced team management
  • Data and access scopes
  • Basic product management
  • Everything in Premium
  • User-level IMAP integration
  • And much more...
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