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Stockholm School of Economics increased 20% on leads and applications

The Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) is one of Europe’s leading business schools. SSE offers competitive programmes in business administration and economics at the bachelors and masters level, along with an MBA, PhD and executive education programmes.

Stockholm, Sweden





The Challenge

Higher education institutions face rising pressure to deliver exceptional student experiences and successful student outcomes from start to finish, especially during the recruitment cycle of prospective applicants. Due to economic factors, marketing and admissions professionals are often expected to increase the return-on-investment (ROI) of their marketing and recruitment efforts, while many institutions do not have streamlined strategies in place to manage and nurture these efforts.

Centralized System

In Sweden, there is a centralized application system for all higher education institutions. The biggest challenge SSE faced using this system was a lack of control: the system was fixed and not customizable for the school’s elite admissions standards.

Customization of the Application

SSE was looking for a new CRM and admissions system that could help them streamline their entire recruitment and admissions process while customizing the applicant’s experience according to the school’s rigorous admissions process. The school wanted to move to a paperless admissions process and save time within the recruitment and admissions department.

Student Drive Solution

With the goal to continue growing their international student base, the team started looking for a more student-driven solution with the capacity to actively engage qualified leads and applicants while ensuring their marketing and recruitment strategies resulted in the highest ROI.

The Solution

The goal of implementing a CRM at SSE was to streamline and improve communications internally and externally among the SSE community.

The feedback I have had from the evaluators using Full Fabric is incredible. The system is easy to use and has streamlined our communications, making our day-to-day easier and our appearance to applicants more structured and organized. Everything has been perfect for us.
Natalia Antsiferova
MSc Programme Manager

The Challenge

+ 20%

Leads and Applicants

When SSE moved from Excel-based spreadsheets of prospective leads and applicants to Full Fabric, they saw a drastic growth in leads and applicants. The system has centralised all of their applicants’ information into one place, allowing them to nurture their leads.

+ 100%

Streamlined Process

It was vital for the school to have a centralised record of each interaction with applicants (emails, phone calls, questions at events, conversations with existing students and alumni) in order to improve communications with them.


Paperless Process

The school added the use of evaluations to their admissions process for each application, where each evaluator’s notes are now linked to the applicant’s file, rather than being handwritten and undocumented.

The Challenge

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