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Efficient Admissions: The London Film School Experience

London Film School embraces a unified approach: integrating systems, streamlining workflows and enhancing the applicant journey to catapult institution towards filmmaking prominence

London, UK





The Challenge

London Film School (LFS), a renowned institution dedicated to educating filmmakers globally and one of the first established international schools of film technique in the world, aspires to be the world's leading international school of filmmaking. LFS offers various postgraduate degrees, including MA and PhD programs, as well as part-time workshop programs. Over 60% of the current student body is from outside the UK.

For over 65 years, LFS has contributed significantly to the development of film education in Britain and across the world. It has been the place for emerging creative talent to hone their craft, find their voice, and engage directly with the vibrant UK screen industries.

Key objectives

London Film School (LFS) embarked on a transformative journey, recognizing the need to overcome challenges in their student recruitment and admissions process. Prior to the adoption of Full Fabric, LFS relied on multiple generic tools, including Freshdesk, Mailchimp, Wufoo Forms, Cubecart, SurveyMonkey Apply, and Excel, to manage various aspects of their operations. Managing workflows, communication, and data across these disparate tools posed several challenges throughout the entire institution. LFS identified key objectives to enhance their operational efficiency, streamline processes, reduce manual work, and elevate the application process to provide a more seamless experience for both staff and prospective students.

The Solution

To address the complexities associated with using multiple tools and achieve their key objectives, LFS strategically implemented the Full Fabric Foundation and Origin modules. This comprehensive solution not only consolidated their tools but also provided the LFS team with the flexibility to configure specific workflows and templates while aligning with the broader goals of creating a more efficient and applicant-friendly system.

Key benefits

1. Streamlined Processes: Full Fabric significantly improved internal processes by providing a centralised platform to replace the reliance on disparate tools. This ensured smoother coordination and task management among the student recruitment, admissions, and registry teams.

2. Enhanced Application Journey: The adoption of Full Fabric created a more enriched application journey for prospective students. Dynamic help pages tailored to each stage of the application process have made the admissions journey more engaging and supportive.

3. Seamless Integration: Full Fabric seamlessly integrated with study portals and other lead generation tools, ensuring all leads enter Full Fabric directly. This integration improved the capture of interest from potential applicants and increased conversions by effectively turning website visitors and social media followers into qualified leads.

4. Workflow Automation: The implementation of email reminder workflows substantially reduced the manual workload for staff members, ensuring timely communication with applicants and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

5. Comprehensive Student Journey Support: Full Fabric now supports the entire student journey, from prospective students to enrollment. Future plans include the integration of a comprehensive student and alumni management system, further reinforcing the commitment to excellence in education.

6. Increased Conversions: The platform's ability to nurture leads and applicants contributed to increased conversion rates from lead to applicant and resulted in higher quality enrollments, aligning with LFS's goal of attracting the best creative talent globally.


The successful adoption of Full Fabric has brought several positive outcomes for LFS. The institution now boasts an efficient, streamlined admissions process, improved communication with applicants, and a foundation for continued growth and innovation in student management.

London Film School's transition to Full Fabric has been a transformative journey, resulting in improved workflows, enhanced applicant experiences, and a solid foundation for future growth. By leveraging the capabilities of Full Fabric, LFS continues to advance its mission of being a global leader in filmmaking education.

Full Fabric has become an invaluable partner in our mission to be the world's leading international school of filmmaking. The platform's ability to support the entire student journey, from prospect to enrolment, has streamlined our operations and contributed to a higher quality of enrolments. We are grateful for the positive impact Full Fabric has had on our institution and look forward to our continued partnership.
Moshe Nitzani
Head of IT

The Challenge

The Challenge

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