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    FULL FABRIC's mission is to help people connect through knowledge. Here's an explanation of the higher education context and how FULL FABRIC helps universities manage the entire student lifecycle.
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    December 3, 2021

    Welcome to the FULL FABRIC blog. Here, we will publish articles and essays exploring how we’re going about our mission of helping people connect through knowledge. We’ll discuss higher education and technology, as well as related subjects including marketing, careers, innovation and creativity.

    But before we start posting, we thought we’d outline why we started the company and the broader context we’re working within. Read on for more information on what we do, how and why.

    The context

    Universities have evolved to become highly professionalised, service-oriented organisations, operating in a tremendously competitive environment. The nature of their service comes with an expectation of a very high standard of the delivery of not only the academic experience, but all associated services.

    While consumer technology has developed in leaps and bounds and shaped our habits in ways that were unthinkable a decade ago, the technology higher education institutions use has failed to keep up with the evolution of the audience it’s meant to serve. In fact, it’s hindering universities’ growth in a direct way; it’s old and often designed for generic purposes where specific solutions are required.

    Our challenge

    How do you revolutionise the way universities leverage technology to offer the best possible experience to students, faculty and staff?

    Our product

    We provide software which lets universities and graduate schools manage every step of the student lifecycle. Usability and elegance are at the core of what we do. We designed our software from scratch and worked hard to make it look as good as possible.

    But it’s about much more than just the way it looks. We thought about how we could help students and faculty interact, in and out of class. We thought about how to give marketing and admissions the tools they need to grow the brand and meet their goals. We thought about what it means for programme affairs and faculty to work together in providing the best possible experience to students. We understand visibility and accountability are increasingly important. And today, more than ever, mobility is shaping the way people work. We made sure all of this is at the core of our product.

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