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Looking ahead to the Nordic Edtech Conference

The Nordic Edtech Conference 2016 comes to Copenhagen on 8 December. We pick our highlights from the programme and the speakers we're excited to see


On 8 December, the inaugural Nordic Edtech Conference will be held in Copenhagen. The organisers intend the one-day event to be an opportunity for educators, startups and entrepreneurs from the Nordic region and beyond to meet likeminded individuals and exchange ideas.

The conference is chaired by Sophie Bailey, host of The Edtech Podcast (see our interview with Sophie here). Our team members Tania and Reet will be there, and we're pleased to accounce we'll be sponsoring the afternoon coffee and cake break, which will be a chance to refuel and meet some fellow edtech professionals from around the world.

Attendees will be able to try out the latest apps and learning resources. There’s an extensive programme of speakers: read on for our three picks of who to see.

David Kofoed Wind, CEO of peergrade

peergrade was designed to help students take an active part in the evaluation process. David came up with the idea while teaching as part of his PhD at The Technical University of Denmark. When one of his classes grew from 20 to 130 students, he decided to create a scalable assessment solution. We’re interested to hear David speak about how edtech can make students more active learners.

Sahra-Josephine Hjorth, CEO of CanopyLAB

CanopyLAB is a Danish company which creates elearning courses specifically designed for young people. Organisations can use these courses to engage with young people around the world, with a focus placed on volunteering and social activism. Expect Sahra-Josephine to shed some light on how CanopyLAB is encouraging interactive and community-orientated learning.

Kristian Collin Berge, CEO of Edtech Foundry

The Oslo-based Edtech Foundry describes itself as ‘a startup factory for educational technology’. We looking forward to hearing how the foundry collaborates with universities to solve problems and learning about the edtech startups it’s already helped found.



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