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    Looking ahead to Bett 2017

    Our pick of the exhibitors and events we're looking forward to at London's long-running education conference
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    February 14, 2024

    Next week, Reet, Tania and I will be representing FULL FABRIC at Bett 2017, the annual conference that explores the latest ideas, practices and technology for education. We’re looking forward to attending talks, learning about new edtech products and meeting educators and startups from around the world.

    Read on for our pick of five exhibitors we think will be worth a visit along with the three events we’re most excited about.

    Five edtech stands to visit

    A Tale Unfolds

    A Tale Unfolds was founded to bring traditional literacy teaching into the digital age. The company produces a range of filmmaking resources for primary and secondary schools and claims to have tripled literacy levels in more than 1,500 schools.

    Visit A Tale Unfolds at stand BFS44.


    KUBO is a robotics startup based in Odense, Denmark which has created a robot to teach kids to code. The team has been busy recently: they won the PITCH competition at Web Summit in November 2016 and recently launched an Indiegogo campaign.

    Read our interview with co-founder and CEO Tommy Otzen to find out more about their product or visit the KUBO team at stand G89.


    MeeTwo is a new app which provides support for students’ mental health. It aims to cover ‘the stuff they don’t teach at school’ by allowing students to post anonymously about their experiences. It uses these posts to generate data about teen anxiety at a national, regional and individual school level.

    Find MeeTwo at stand BFS13.


    Peergrade is a Copenhagen-based startup which facilitates peer assessment. Instead of one teacher having to distribute their time between each student, Peergrade allows students to assess each other’s work, resulting in more feedback for each student and a quicker assessment process.

    Read our interview with founder and CEO David Kofoed Wind or visit Peergrade at stand H390.


    Zzish is a London-based startup founded by a former Google employee. The company turns educational apps into classroom tools that teachers can use to aid student assessment. Zzish’s own tool, Quizalize, allows teachers to pinpoint classroom progress in real time.

    Visit the Zzish team at stand E46.

    Three events we’re looking forward to

    Teaching in the 21st century – what comes next? The future of HE, virtual reality and education apps

    This panel is chaired by Martin Hamilton, Jisc’s resident Futurist (yes, that’s his actual job title). It’ll be great to hear him discuss the next five years of edtech in HE along with three staff members from leading UK universities.

    Wednesday 25 January at 12.45pm at the HE Leader’s Summit

    Tech integration and modernisation: powering the future of classrooms through exporting Britain's creative teaching tools

    This panel discussion will centre on how technology can facilitate creative approaches to teaching, the implementation of edtech in UK schools and the merits of different visual learning methods.

    Friday 27 January at 11.25am at DIT International Trade and Export Theatre

    Sir Ken Robinson

    The charismatic educator and campaigner has published a range of books and delivered the most-watched TED talk of all time. Expect a passionate look at the state of UK and worldwide education devliered by a charismatic orator.

    Friday 27 January at 4.40pm in the Bett Arena



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