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    Full Fabric - AWS Partner Qualified Software

    Full Fabric has passed the AWS FTR review process in recognition of its resilient, secure and high-performing technology
    Last updated:
    October 10, 2023

    In September 2023, Full Fabric became an AWS Partner Qualified Software solution after passing the AWS FTR (Well-Architected Review) process. This success is testament to our team’s hard work and dedication to achieving excellence.

    What is the AWS FTR?

    AWS FTR stands for Amazon Web Services Foundational Technical Review.

    Organisations that sign up for the review agree to undergo a comprehensive evaluation of their technological infrastructure, architecture, performance, reliability and security practices against AWS’s best practices and guidelines.

    Undergoing the AWS FTR is a worthwhile endeavour because it provides employees, customers and other stakeholders with visibility and transparency. For some, it can also help to detect any vulnerabilities or areas for improvement.

    As a software provider, understanding the different components of an environment is key to implementing best practices, minimising risks and overcoming issues.

    As an FTR-qualified software provider, we can access various AWS partner programmes; we’ve also received a “Reviewed by AWS” badge and we can list our software on AWS’s list of software providers to increase our visibility and reach.

    Who approves the AWS FTR?

    The AWS FTR is facilitated by an AWS Partner Solutions Architect who evaluates cloud products and solutions against the criteria outlined in the following six pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework:

    • operational excellence
    • security
    • reliability
    • performance efficiency
    • cost optimization
    • sustainability

    A huge shoutout to our engineering and operations teams, who showcased our platform's robustness and adaptability throughout the review. It’s their hard work and commitment that have made this significant milestone possible.

    Use Full Fabric with confidence

    To our clients and partners: this achievement reaffirms our promise to deliver top-notch services powered by a resilient, secure and high-performing architecture.

    When it comes to higher education, flexibility, performance and security are important. If you want to adopt a modern student information system for higher education or switch from your existing solution, why not demo our well-designed and secure cloud infrastructure?

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    The development and maintenance of an in-house system is a complex and time-consuming task. Full Fabric lets you turn your full attention to maximizing growth and performance.

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