How to convert more Applicants into enrolled Students

    Five email campaigns for higher ed admissions

    Five email campaigns to assist your university in recruiting and admitting the best cohort of students
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    December 3, 2021

    Email campaigns are an indispensable part of the higher ed admissions process. They offer a way to send prospects and applicants timely and relevant messages and encourage them to perform an action.

    When designing each email campaign, you should define four key things:

    • the audience: this is the specific segment of your list of prospects or applicants you want this message to reach
    • the goal: define a specific goal based on an action you’d like the selected recipients to perform. Examples include prospects requesting a brochure or starting their application
    • the message: this is the copy you’ll write to motivate your recipients to perform the specific action you’ve identified
    • the call-to-action: this is a short, imperative message presented as a clickable button. The button will lead to a webpage which allows the recipient to perform the action identified as part of the goal

    During the admissions process, your admissions staff will have two main objectives: encourage prospects to learn more about the university and start an application; and ensure that prospects submit that application.

    Here’s our pick of the five main campaigns that can help your university achieve these two particular goals.

    1. Brochure request form


    Encourage prospects to submit a brochure request. Design a brochure request form which requires prospects to enter their contact details before they can download the brochure.


    Cold and engaged prospects which have not yet submitted a brochure request form


    Your message should inspire your prospects to become excited about your university. You should offer readers the opportunity to learn more through your brochure


    ‘Download a brochure’. Link to the brochure request form

    2. Info sessions


    Encourage prospects to attend an info session


    Cold and engaged prospects whose current address is the same as the location of the info session


    Draw excitement about your university and offer opportunity to learn more at an info session


    ‘Register now’. Link to event registration form

    3. Start an application


    Encourage prospects to start their application


    Engaged prospects who are yet to start their application for this year’s intake


    Encourage them to apply. Include inspiring information about the programme they’re interested in and the university itself. Perhaps reference some notable alumni

    Call to action button

    ‘Apply now’. Link to the application form

    4. Application prompt


    Prompt applicants who have almost completed their application, but not yet submitted it, to submit


    Applicants which have a completion rate greater than 80% who have not updated their application in two weeks


    Draw attention to the time and effort they have already invested and the small additional effort they need to submit their application. Reassert some of the key USPs of the specific programme they’re interested in and the university in general


    ‘Submit your application now’. Link to the application form

    5. Application reminder


    All applicants who are yet to submit their application


    Inform applicants that the deadline is fast approaching. Prompt them to submit their application


    Clearly reassert the deadline date and state how far it is away from the date of sending. Reassert key USPs of the programme and your university, and what the prospect could miss out on if they fail to submit their application.

    Call-to-action button

    ‘Submit your application now’. Link to the application


    Let us know what sort of email campaigns your university is sending by leaving a comment or tweet us with the hashtag #askfullfabric.


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