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    APM for universities: Is it profitable?

    Application Performance Management (APM) is becoming more and more necessary today for all developers. Universities can use this technology to help their students strengthen their app developing skills and learn productive strategies for problem-solving.
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    December 3, 2021

    Application Performance Management (APM) is becoming more and more necessary today for all developers. Problems with app development lead to low levels of success after launch, so the more challenges that can be overcome early in the pipeline, the higher the effectiveness. Universities can use this technology to help their students strengthen their app developing skills and learn productive strategies for problem-solving.

    In this day and age, APM is not only profitable but necessary. It saves money in the long run by allowing app developers to work tightly within their own team using the best resources at their disposal. We’ve officially entered an era where Application Performance Management is essential due to rapid technology changes and also increased customer service demands. For universities hoping to set their students up for high levels of success, APM is a must.

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    APM Defined

    First, you need to understand what APM or Application Performance Management is to see how it relates to universities. You’ll often hear the terms Management and Monitoring used interchangeably, and this is because the tools generally are under both umbrellas. While developers and IT professionals can monitor their websites or apps on their own, this is inefficient and will hardly cut it in the apps’ competitive marketplace.

    Necessary application performance monitoring includes tasks like monitoring servers, logging requests, tracking errors, and analyzing metrics. A performance software can do all of this for you in real-time, allowing you to recognize mistakes early on and strengthen your app or platform throughout the development cycle. By indicating not only where potential problems are, but also why they’re happening, you’re able to intervene before the app or platform faces a potentially catastrophic shutdown. Preparation is key when customers expect the highest level of performance every time.


    Why Universities Can Profit from APM

    No organization is exempt from the demand for APM solutions. This includes universities which are promoting the most efficient technological solutions. Offering comprehensive software for app development helps students learn strong habits from the start. Students don’t exist inside a vacuum. As IT and software development students, they likely have goals to join the development industry in one way or another after graduation. The sooner they learn the latest programs and tools, the better.

    Another perk of APM is that universities can use this technology to strengthen their own apps and online platforms. With so much competition between top programs, universities can’t afford to have downtime in their systems. Students of today are greatly in charge of their own program search. They expect to find the information they’re looking for quickly and easily. Program errors and platform lags will prevent students from considering a particular university. This downtime leads to decreased applicants and lost revenue.

    Offering technology that is changing the industry is the best way to stand out to prospective students, in turn leading to more applicants for the university. Students will have higher trust if they understand that their institutions are on following-up on technological innovations. Creating a quality user experience through apps and online university platforms is a big draw for potential students.

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    Benefits of App Monitoring and Management

    Now that you understand why universities, in particular, can benefit from offering this new technology to their students, let’s explore the ways app monitoring software provides benefits to IT programs. You might be surprised to learn it helps more than just the developmental process but goes beyond to reach new topics. Click here to read more about leading APM software today.

    1) Customer Service

    Customer service and IT development don’t always go hand-in-hand, but maybe they should. This is the age of the customer, and that means businesses of today need to know how to serve their market in beneficial ways.

    Applications are built around the idea of improving people’s lives or offering something new. It doesn’t matter how unique and special the app is, if it has poor customer service management, it will fail. APM encourages students to pay attention to things beyond error reports like user retention and customer complaints. This prepares them to succeed in a customer-driven world.

    2) Stronger Sales

    Another industry being redefined by APM is online selling and e-commerce. Businesses of today need to find new ways to reach customers, and it’s hard to replicate in-store selling online. Problems that occur on the web development level will keep customers from purchasing products or services, and they will damage the reputation of the company. Learning the best ways to improve the customer sales experience will go a long way towards helping students work in the digital age.

    3) Accelerate Development

    Students have to learn to work under pressure. Without deadlines and milestones, they’ll never long to work in a rapidly changing market. Organizations want to bring innovative apps and products to the market as quickly as possible, and development teams need to be prepared for these expectations. With APM software, the development cycle is sped up to include problem-solving, testing, and performance management all in a shorter time frame. With real-time monitoring, it’s easier to spot problems before they become too big to solve.

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    4) Error Monitoring

    Errors can make or break an app or web platform. Too many issues and customers will stop using the product. That’s why it’s important to learn the proper ways to manage these errors throughout the early stages of development and also after launch. APM tools highlight areas of weakness within multiple platforms so students are able to mitigate problems quickly. This is the perfect way for teachers to assist with hands-on problem-solving techniques both in and out of the classroom.

    5) Marketing and Beyond

    App development no longer is an island in the tech field. These teams work in close quarters with other parts of the organization like marketing and sales. Learning how to increase monetization opportunities, provide analytical information, and communicate with different levels of personnel goes a long way in this field.

    6) Attracting Students

    Finally, having APM tools helps universities strengthen their own apps and platforms. In the digital age, much of the application process takes place online. Students use online resources to decide which programs to apply to, and they navigate these systems throughout the recruitment process. Errors and uptime problems deter candidates and reflect poorly on the institution. Quite frankly, universities can’t afford to not use performance monitoring programs to ensure their systems run smoothly from start to finish.

    Universities are expected to be ahead of the latest trends in technology and innovation. In order to attract the highest level of students to their technology programs, universities need to look for the best programs to help their students succeed in a changing industry. Likewise, this technology allows greater functionality within the university’s own apps and online platforms. A few errors might seem minor, but they often deter tech-savvy applicants.

    In this day and age, all universities could use a boost whether it’s in their tech programs or in their own digital apps. APM software and tools have the potential to be highly profitable for universities today since they increase uptime, reduce errors, and lead to easier communication between students and universities.



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