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Help us develop the best software and services of higher education. Be part of an amazing team and be happy, wherever you are!
Positions available

Positions available

Help us develop the best software and services of higher education. Be part of an amazing team and change your life, be happy, wherever you are!
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Our mission

There are more students in Higher Education than ever before, and many more are on their way.

Yet, in an increasingly technological and digital world, universities everywhere still struggle to connect with candidates and help those who need assistance the most.

We couldn't stand by and watch brilliant students miss out due to inefficient and archaic application processes. So, we set out to streamline steps and connect passionate individuals with their dream universities.

Our products are the result of the synergy between our team and the teams at our partner universities and institutions, working together to develop software and services of the highest quality.

Everyone at Full Fabric strongly believes in open access to Higher Education and is dedicated to making it a reality. Are you ready to join us?

What we value as a company

We work with some of the best and most prestigious Higher Education Institutions in the world. Our product exceeds expectations, and so does our team.
Seek first to understand, then to be understood.
Our product is renowned for its clean, minimalistic and user-friendly design. Think horses, not zebras.
We strive to be creative, and are always on the lookout for a better, more inventive path. Be daring and open-minded.

What we offer

Fully remote job
Offices in London and Lisbon
Flexible schedule
26 days of vacation per year
Health insurance
Career plan

Recruitment process

Once you've entered your information, contact details, and resume, your profile will be saved in our database and you'll typically hear from us within two weeks. During busier times it might take us longer, but we appreciate and respect the time you took to apply to our company, so you will always hear back from us.

1. Cultural Interview
This is where we get to know you and introduce you to Full Fabric and the job requirements. We want to make sure we’re on the same page, and that you understand what the job entails and are actually interested in it. It’s a straightforward process, conducted virtually, lasting no longer than 45 to 60 minutes.

2. Technical Interview
In this interview, you'll meet one of the members of your team. We will ask you more technical questions regarding the position and your past academic and professional experience, and we'll email you any additional information you may require.

3. Final Interview
In this final step, you'll meet with the CEO for an informal chat.

What we value in our work

Ability to progress and develop in your career

We don’t stand for typical corporate career paths with ladders and hierarchies. At Full Fabric our structure is flat, which gives you the potential to develop your career in a vertical or horizontal way, according to your skills and ambitions, and our needs.

There are two ways to advance at Full Fabric:
I - Be an expert individual contributor and ace it that way.
II - Be more of a people person who excels at supporting those who are developing as individual contributors (in other words, join the management side).

Leaders and managers

We see everyone the same way, we work together at the same pace and we don’t care about titles. The person above you is merely someone who's there to provide guidance when necessary.


At Full Fabric, we regularly exchange information about such topics as company and team performance, strategy, goals and challenges, as well as the company's financial state and product roadmap.

Transparency is about sharing important information. It doesn’t mean that everyone has a vote on everything, but that we make sure everyone is kept in the loop and has a voice at all times.

We’re still improving our sharing routines, as we’re always finding new things that we feel are important to share with other teams.


A team without trust isn’t really a team.

When our company values are based on trust, each individual in the team becomes stronger. They are part of an effective, cohesive group; only when people trust one another can they achieve truly meaningful goals.

Work-life balance

Achieving a harmonious work-life balance is critical for your physical, emotional and mental health, as well as for the health of your career. Regardless of how you organise your time, you should prioritise finding a balance in order to be successful at work and in your personal life.


You’re responsible for your duties and, although the team is always willing to help, you’re responsible for asking for help.

We trust each other and we’re not big on micromanaging. We hope to provide you with lots of guidance and little management. You’re a professional and we trust you to carve your own path, set your own priorities, be proactive and ask for help when you need it.

Your opinion counts and we trust you to try new things.

Collaboration and team spirit

We really appreciate the team spirit at Full Fabric and you can count on everyone to help you whenever you need it, even if it’s outside of their areas of expertise or outside the scope of their roles. We simply want to help each other.


Our turnover rate is lower than the industry average in the IT market, which reflects our vision: we want people to grow with us in the long run. That’s why our compensation mix includes short and long-term rewards – we want our employees to move forward with us.

Training and Education at Work

Since you’re given the chance to build your path at Full Fabric, we’ll help you identify the kind of training you need in order to develop new skills or strengthen existing ones.
Reach out to us and let’s explore how your talents and aspirations can thrive within our innovative SaaS product. We’re excited to discuss your career path with you!

Inês Alves

People and Culture Manager
@ Full Fabric

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Help us develop the best software and services of higher education.